Have my grandfathers name- David Oliveira.

        I Was born in 1980 in Lisbon where I did my academic studies.  Got my Degree in Sculpture in 2008,  "Faculdade de Belas artes de Lisboa" , and returned for an unfinished Masters in- Drawing and compared anatomy.

        Started to use the wire to draw in a 3Dimensional space where I could model a shape, any shape. Along with the technique and several works, defined my subject as organic. what made me curious to know all of it. I started looking, and peeling to understand what was in each layer. The bone the skin, and the space between. 

         After I search for the 4 Dimension- Time. This was reveled to me with motion , not the movement but an eternal motion that allways be there and was.

           My search made me aware. My work made look around, and see the lack of respect we, Humans, developed thought Nature. The animal exploitation, abuse and slavery , the meat industry,  it´s a shame reality of life on Earth in the XXI century. ( In Portugal is still allowed to torture bulls in arenas because of the cultural tradition.)

        My quest to comunicate , made me search the 5 Dimension- Aftection. This made me look to Humans again. This is where I stand now.



© 2014 by David Oliveira